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Pitch to Color

Here is the color wheel used by my electronic instrument, Abella. When the music box is playing “C”, the pitch display appears yellow. Middle “C” is set at 262 Hz, high “C” at 523, and low “C” at 131 Hz, and each is displayed yellow. The remaining notes occupy a RGB-CMY color space.

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Shift registers and Voltage display

I’ve been having great fun with the Arduino Uno microcontroller board.  Here I’ve got the Arduino using a shift register to light up a 7-segment display output.

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Need to organize data from the web? .NET framework has you covered.

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Mustang for Sale

The end of an era!  My 1991 Ford Mustang just sold.

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Heater Core Bypass

It turned out that there were only two MUST-DO items:  pass a smog check and bypass the heater core.

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So many cars!

Well, this time I decided to do some data mining on to help me figure out what is going on with new and used cars in the area.  A little html parsing magic later, I was able to survey all of the new and used cars available in my target class: midsize sedans.

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Samurai II

I’ve been working on resurrecting my original Samurai game, except using some respectable 3D graphics, better user input and more realistic physics.  Samurai II is in the works.

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